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Bringing cultural change and transformation to the business world. Teaching companies how to integrate the intellectual with the emotional and create an environment that is rich in empathy, productivity and growth from it’s leaders to it’s employees, through re-envisioning business culture as a whole where we embrace our purpose and humanity.

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“without risk, i wonder if we can ever experience growth"

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When we embark on a new adventure or we come to a fork in the road on an already well traveled journey, we know things can feel uncertain. Taking the next steps when you don't know what lies ahead can be a big risk. We believe the cycles of nature encompass a rhythm of growth, revolving seasons, and elevating transformations, echoing the ever-changing landscape of life and small business endeavors. We are here to help you navigate through stages of development, adaptation, and fruition helping you create your path to possible, even if it is a risky one.

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Life Can Transform, You just have to be open!

Though The Risky Path is the name of our business it definitely did not start out that way. Years ago the risky path came into our lives as a way of living, being brave, walking in courage, and having faith when we feel uncertainty. This is what it was then and what it still is to us today. When we decided to FINALLY, as everyone in our lives would say, start our own company working hand in hand together, everything about it felt like a risk! And to be honest. A HUGE RISK!

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"Heather and Sean are the perfect dream team for anyone’s business. I first met Heather and Sean in 2021 when I was in the process of a possible career change. During  that time they put together an amazing website for me along with personal coaching which was invaluable. At the time I was going through some major life changes, and personal growth. Through my work with Heather, I began to realize it wasn’t my current business that I wasn’t happy with, it was the environment and my mindset, which altered my passion, and love for it. I had to make a call to The Risky Path and say, “OK there’s been a detour.”Heather laughed at me and said, “I’ve been waiting for this call.” 

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