A Little Bit About Us.

We All Start Somewhere.

First Belief

Wholly Living is a way of life where we integrate all aspects of who we are. Professional and personal, physical and emotional, mental and spiritual.

Second Belief

The simplest things bring about the greatest impact.

Third Belief

 The more we are searching for is already within us if we are but only to explore the breadth of ourselves.

I Am Sean


Through a unique blend of advisory and coaching I enable others to connect with their purpose free of the chaos and noise that invades their everyday business and life. I fill the negative space of your day to day to create order and connection with your vision.

With over 25 years of technology consulting and management experience for everything from startups to Fortune 100 companies I provide insight into even the most challenging business problems and their potential solutions.

This is Our Story.


We have been in the business of marriage for 13 years and counting! We have spent the majority of those years working individually on our unique giftings in their respective industries. While we have been successful, we have experienced no greater joy or success than when we come together and integrate each of our callings for one greater purpose.  From corporate America to raising 3 children, from a house of 11 to a house of 2, from Texas to Tennessee, to Georgia to Florida, our dream has always been to work and live life together, to live for fulfillment, to live wholly and to help show others how to do the same.  

I Am Heather 

Balance is at the center and all that we do must work in concert together for us to be complete. I have pioneered a concept of “wholly living” curated to help my clients integrate both their personal and professional lives. Throughout my coaching career, my clients have found revitalized hope, new heights of awareness, have come to know their authentic selves and have learned that living life for fulfillment brings joy. So for you I am but a vessel to hold what you may need holding, I am an arena warrior, an emotional archeologist, a vulnerability seeker, an observationist and your coach. Remember the simplest of things when one is ready can bring about the greatest and wildest change. I am here to walk with you through that change. If and when you may be ready… But I will always hope that you are.”

 ~Heather Davis CPC, ELI-MP, CLDS, CTDS


Let Others Inspire You.

"Heather and Sean are the perfect dream team for anyone’s business. I first met Heather and Sean in 2021 when I was in the process of a possible career change. During  that time they put together an amazing website for me along with personal coaching which was invaluable. At the time I was going through some major life changes, and personal growth. Through my work with Heather, I began to realize it wasn’t my current business that I wasn’t happy with, it was the environment and my mindset, which altered my passion, and love for it. I had to make a call to The Risky Path and say, “OK there’s been a detour.”Heather laughed at me and said, “I’ve been waiting for this call.”

Nikki | 4 Paws Dog Spa

Building A Brand In The World Of AI

Feb 12, 2024

Building A Brand In The World Of AI

Feb 12, 2024

Building A Brand In The World Of AI

Feb 12, 2024

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